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ISBN 978-1-903527-23-8

Jean Michel Jarre - The Making of Water for Life

The authorised story of the concert in the Sahara Desert in Merzouga, Morocco.

Foreword by Jean Michel Jarre. Produced in collaboration with Jean Michel Jarre's concert production company, Creative Productions Management.

Everything about Jean Michel Jarre’s concert events is out of the ordinary, whether in challenge, location or scale. When the French musician chose the Sahara desert for a spectacular concert to bring attention to the UNESCO’s Water for Life campaign, it was not so much of a surprise….

With the kind authorisation of Jarre’s management, this authorised book traces the making of the concert at the Erg Chebbi sand dunes in Morocco from project conception through to the stunning concert night itself. Complete with in-depth interviews with members of the production staff, conceptual images, technical drawings and photography from around the concert site spread across over 172 full colour pages, this is a unique must-have book for anyone interested in how these shows are conceived and brought to life.

Produced from within the heart of this Sahara adventure, the concert and behind-the-scenes photographs and projection stills are hand-picked from the concert production archive.

A spectacular collection of concert images are included throughout the book.

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Jean Michel Jarre in Merzouga

  • Hardback

  • 302 x 215 mm

  • 172 pages

  • Over 200 illustrations and photographs

  • ISBN 978-1-903527-23-8

  • Deluxe 172-page hardback book.

  • Follow the journey from project conception through to the stunning concert night itself.
  • In-depth interviews with Jean Michel Jarre and the whole of his production crew
  • This is the first comprehensive publication looking at how the artist produces his breathtaking concerts
  • A vast array of never-seen-before photographs
  • Many early visual sketches and plans
  • The full behind-the-scenes story on the making of the event

Only a lucky few were in the Sahara desert to wiew Jean Michel Jarre’s spectacular concert for UNESCO. The rest of us can now experience it through this sumptuous record. An instructive text surrounding a dazzling array of photographs make us feel as if we were there. There are revealing interviews with enthusiastic fans. The book is beautifully produced and will provide a lasting pleasure.
— Amazon

Recollections and interviews included are from

  • Jean Michel Jarre
  • Concert Producer - Alain Bilowus
  • Production Director - Rodolphe Lejeune
  • Technical Manager - Charles Lambing
  • Video Art Director – Marie-Jeanne Gauthé
  • Musical Director - Claude Samard
  • Stage Manager - Roland Bréand
  • Pyrotechnics Director - Claude Deverois
  • HD TV Production Manager - Chris Demeulemeester
  • Stage Musician - Francis Rimbert
  • Sound Engineer - Philippe Barguirdjian

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