Reviews for Acorn – A World in Pixels

The release of Acorn - A World in Pixels is not too far away and we are starting to get press coverage. There's a great review and full page advertisement for the book in this month's edition of Retrogamer. Excerpt below.

You can buy the book here. You can subscribe to Retrogamer here.

"From the moment you gaze at Ste Pickford’s excellent cover and read Iain Lee’s intro you know a lot of love has been poured into this book. Its real strength comes once you get to the extensive game section ... the entire book is rammed with developers who supported the machine in its halcyon days, from Tim Dobson (Monsters) to Mat Newman (Fortress) and Ian Bell (Free Fall). Every notable game is covered, including a great piece on Elite from both Ian Bell and David Braben." Retrogamer Magazine, November 2020 

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