Acorn - A World in Pixels - Extended Edition - Additions and Updates - Digital Download

Acorn - A World in Pixels - Extended Edition - Additions and Updates - Digital Download

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Digital download of the additional content contained in Acorn - A World in Pixels Extended Edition book.

Intended for customers who have the first edition the book and would just like to read the additional/updated content added to the extended edition.

The digital download does not contain the full book, just the additional and updated content.

The digital download will be released just after the physical product is distributed, which is expected to be by December 1st 2021. You will receive an email link at that time to download the content.

The following new content is included ....

  • Over 30 new interviews with programmers and publishers (see below for the full list), to add to the 70 interviews in the first edition;
  • A full 18-page talking-heads retrospect on Acorn Computers with founders Hermann Hauser, Chris Curry, Sophie Wilson, Steve Furber and Chris Turner;
  • A fascinating 8-page “Making of” of Ultimate’s famous BBC games including Knight Lore, Alien 8 and Sabre Wulf, from the heart of their production. This adds to the Making Ofs on Elite, Exile and Repton;
  • Superior Software’s Richard Hanson talks directly to a number of his collaborators spread across 14 pages including Superior co-founder John Dyson;
  • Extended new features including:
    • the full story behind the BBC's Micro Men Acorn/Sinclair documentary with producer Andrea Cornwell and other contributors;
    • Citadel and Elite source code recovery and analysis;
    • How the modern day BBC emulators are created;
    • Level 9’s classic adventures;
  • More new stunning artwork from Micro Power, Alligata and Superior Software, some never seen before;
  • Over 25 additional games are featured, adding to the 150 games in the first edition;
  • And much, much more.

Read here for full details of the additions to this extended edition.

Acorn Computer is the registered trademark of Virtualytics Limited. This book is in no way endorsed or commissioned by Virtualytics Limited.