Acorn - A World in Pixels - Memory Full Edition now available

New, final edition of Acorn - A World in Pixels, with 126 additional pages, available for the first time as a complete digital PDF download.

When we first published Acorn - A World in Pixels, we were delighted by the reaction and thrilled when we continued to hear from other notable people who we missed first time around, who also had a story to tell from the inside of the industry.

So to ensure these stories are captured, we have produced the Memory Full Edition, which will be the final edition of the book. We have ended up with a glorious 726-page book that captures even more of the spirit of the era. We have added new content, spread across an additional 126 pages since the Extended Edition, including:

  • More than 10 new interviews with programmers and publishers, including Paul Fellows (Sphinx Adventure), Nigel Alderton (Chuckie Egg), David Hoskins (Ghouls and Speech!), Toby Butler (Who Dares Wins II), Veronika Megler (The Hobbit) and Steve Evans (Guardian);
  • Extended features on
    • The Making of Chuckie Egg, Spy vs Spy, Frak! on Steam;
    • Imogen - Level by Level;
    • The Secrets of Thrust;
    • Exile Recollections;
    • Remembering the author of Jet Pac and Atic Atac;
  • Over 30 additional games are featured;
  • Over 35 new stunning pieces of artwork including Aviator, Killer Gorilla, Fortress, Bonecruncher, Thrust, UIM, Exile, Clogger, Dune Rider and Swag;
  • And much more.

This time, the book is only available as a digital-only edition and for the first time, we are offering the entire Acorn - A World in Pixels book in a single PDF.  

A discount code has been emailed to all previous full-price idesine customers, so they can order it for free (extended edition customers) and £5 (first edition customers). Remember for first edition customers, there is an additional 250 pages of content.

New customers can order the digital book for £10.

You can order Acorn - A World in Pixels Memory Full Edition here.

We hope you enjoy this new, final edition.

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Acorn - A World in Pixels Memory Full Edition - USB Drive

Store your digital edition of Acorn - A World in Pixels Memory Full Edition on this USB Drive, laser engraved with the book logo.

Rather appropriately, the drive glows an Acorn green colour when plugged into your computer.

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Acorn - A World in Pixels Memory Full Edition - Details


Additions added since the Extended Edition:  

Features - Making of Chuckie Egg, Speech!, Imogen - level by level, Replay, The Secrets of Thrust, Exile Recollections, Making of Spy vs Spy, Making of Frak! on Steam, Remembering David Rhys Jones (Jet Pac / Atic Atac)

Publishers - Bug Byte, Virgin Games / Mastertronic, Software Projects, Blue Ribbon

Programmers interviews - Paul Fellows (Sphinx Adventure), Nigel Alderton (Chuckie Egg), David Hoskins (Ghouls, Speech), Tony Racine (Kissin Kousins) - extended, Dave Woodhouse (Jet Boot Jack) - extended, Veronika Megler (The Hobbit), Matthew Atkinson (Tempest and UIM), Joey Headen (Cholo), Rob Dulstone (Anarchy Zone), Stephen Mitchell (Licence to Kill / Return of the Jedi), Ian Grimstead and James Wilder (Vertigo), Toby Butler (Who Dares Wins II), Steve Evans (Eagle Empire/Guardian); Neil Cannon (Plankwalk)

Games - The Wizard (Quicksilver), Arcade Action (Acornsoft), Space Adventure (Virgin), Plankwolk (Virgin), Ghouls (Micro Power), Cylon Attack (A&F), Swag (Micro Power), Gunsmoke (Software Invasion), Nutcraka (Software Projects), Bird Strike (Firebird), Blitzkrieg (Software Invasion), Drogna (Acornsoft), The Hobbit (Melbourne House), Tempest (Superior Software), Speech! (Superior Software), Imogen (Micro Power) - extended, Jet Set Willy I and II (Tynesoft), International Megasports (Audiogenic), Despatch Rider (Audiogenic), Crazee Rider (Superior Software) - extended, Spy vs Spy (Tynesoft) - extended, Anarchy Zone (Atlantis), Balloon Buster (Blue Ribbon), UIM (4th Dimension), Licence to Kill (Domark), Vertigo (Superior Software), Who Dares Wins II (Alligata), Devil’s Domain (Micro Power)

Artwork - Attack on Alpha Century, Felix and Evil Weevils, Bumble Bee, Countdown to Doom, Sphinx Adventure, Philosopher’s Quest, The Aviator, Space Adventure, Plankwolk, Chuckie Egg, Killer Gorilla, Fortress, Atic Atac, Jet Pac, Swag, Dare Devil Denis, Guardian, Contraption, Speech!, Lode Runner, Thrust, Jet Set Willy I and II, Cholo, XOR, Bonecruncher, Clogger, Exile, UIM, Repton, Plutonium Plunder, Tapper, Dune Rider, Elixir, Tetris, Repton Thru Time, Spy vs Spy

Magazines - Beebug


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